Educational Technology Hamburg


Me standing in front of a small audience of meetup members
Me standing in front of a small audience of meetup members

As a User Experience and Usability expert, I worked together with a US startup that discovered valuable tools to support learning and teaching. This experience encouraged me to pursue my interest in technology-facilitated education more deeply. I sought out startups and activists in Germany to learn more about local initiatives and services. Realizing that those service providers mainly focused on professional development, I felt missing out on educational formats.

Planned as an experiment to expand my understanding of educational software solutions, I gathered like-minded people and organized the networking event series Educational Technology Hamburg Meetup. More than 200 people from various backgrounds, special ed teachers, software developers and game designers came together to discuss, test and imagining technology that fosters creativity and knowledge. The event series spawned spin-offs in various other cities, startup pitches and an own podcast series.

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