Help for helpers

As part of my employer’s annual volunteer day, a couple of colleagues and I supported the ASB Hamburg, a local ambulance service, designing a mobile app. The app and the accompanying workshop aimed to expand the service’s digital know-how, highlighting potential areas for improving the service offerings.

During a 1-day design sprint, nearly a dozen participants, from front-line worker to head of operations, went together in small groups through the development process of various app ideas. The approach consisted of exploration, ideation and the final design of an application. During the online workshop using a digital whiteboard, I led one of the small groups. I supported fleshing out the initial concepts of their app idea, especially during the prototyping phase, to make the overall idea more tangible.

Afterwards, I also helped the event’s initiators establish further contacts with professional developers to reach out for the next steps after picking their winning idea. In my pro bono activities, it is also vital for me to provide end-to-end support as good as possible. In addition, I do my best to foster a strong network and, where possible, a community of like-minded people. My personal goal is to enable others to grow their ideas from the initial spark to the go-live, which in return is both wholesome and inspirational for my personal growth.