Girls for IT consultancy

Once a year, the initiative Girls’Day – ‘Future Prospects for Girls’ takes place. The event is funded by various federal ministries and encourages female students to consider technical enterprises, research and institutions for further education and employment.

The IT consultancy I am working for right now takes part in the initiative. As the first point of contact for new hires, I often receive feedback from female colleagues who joined talking about all the challenges they face while trying to get a hold in the IT sector.

Therefore, doing my part in improving inclusiveness in the workplace, I joined a group of colleagues preparing for this event. I helped set up and conduct a remote workshop. The young participants formed small groups and worked together on visual designs for websites and coding examples on an introductory level.

And while I could not participate in closing up the event, I was told that the overall experience of all participants was both challenging and fun. On top of this positive feedback, I am glad to hear that we even received a couple of requests for internships.