Clean up your city’s streets and canals

Today, after borrowing a Green Kayak, I collected about 6 kg of waste in 2 hours around the canals of Hamburg. Before me, there were already people going who had composed over 30 kilograms in the morning. It’s fantastic and, at the same time, unpleasantly alarming how much litter can be picked up in such a short time. But in the end, it is simply lovely to see the riverside undergrowth looking less scruffy afterwards.

Do you want to help clean the canals? Get yourself a Green Kayak for free to explore Hamburg’s waterways and nature in exchange for collecting trash.

The following lists includes options where you can book a boat in Hamburg:

  • Bootshaus Bergedorf, Schillerufer 41, 21029 Hamburg
  • Paddel-Meier, Heinrich-Osterath-Straße 256, 21037 Hamburg
  • SUP CLUB Hamburg, Zugang über Iseplatz, Isekai 1, 20249 Hamburg
  • Zur Gondel, Kaemmererufer 25, 22303 Hamburg

Check this map for an overview of all the locations to rent a boat